Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I do, besides my job :)

When someone asks you what you do, the normal response is your job.  For me, I'm an applications developer.  I support different systems and make sure they work for my customers.  But in today's May challenge prompt, I was asked that question, but told not to use that as a response.  

What do I do?  Often I sit on my bed and read Harry Potter.  Sometimes you can find me out in the woods on a hike in my barefoot shoes. I start a ton of different projects and tend to not finish them in a timely manner.  At lunch when I'm not working, I'm knitting with a really fun group of people. 

Sometimes on rare occasion, I'm an equestrian.  Or a dancer.  Or a teacher. Or even a choreographer.

Equestrian, Choreographer, Teacher, Dancer

I'm a shower thinker, a car singer, and I tap dance down the grocery store aisle. I eat entire bags of potato chips in one sitting.  

I learn new things.  I explore random hobbies.  I get lost in Amish country just to find new places. I like crawling on steam engines and taking in the smell of coal smoke with a smile on my face.

The locomotive at the Roundhouse that I someday hope to work on

I'm a musician. A bassoonist if you're being specific.  If you're not, woodwind player will suffice.

If there was such a thing as a closet adrenaline junkie, that would be me. 

When I'm happiest, you can normally find me with a group of teenagers. Particularly jr. high kids.  They've kind of stolen my heart.    

1 - My crazy campers 2 - Ziplining 3 - My bassoon and contra 4 - My Ruth study girls

I do a variety of things, and often it includes something no one has heard of, or can't believe that I do. 

I think the best thing though is that God's got everything already planned out.  Everything that I'm going to do.  And the coolest part is I'm the only one who can do what He's got planned for me.  All my quirks, my flaws, my experiences are being used in His plan for my life. It gives me comfort in the many random things I do, that somehow they all fit together.

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