Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day Zero... What's that

Okay, truth time.... I think about writing in here a lot. But I never actually do it.  I have so many cool things to write about from this summer, but just never have.  Someone mentioned my Day Zero project the other day and that really got me thinking.  So today I went through and kind of depressingly looked at my list.  After all, I don't think I've looked at it since April, so there was no way more than like 3 things could be crossed off.... And to my surprise, I totally get to mark off  FOURTEEN things!  Which may not seem like a lot, but it kinda is. So for my re-entry to the blog world, I'm going to stop doing recaps and focus on right now.  God's doing such cool things in my life and I want to share them with you now, not 3 months down the road when I finally get caught up. But I guess this is a recap, but more fun... the 14 things I've accomplished off my list this year:

 Get a pedicure
The lovely Miss Rachel Dunn totally went with me to get pampered during the spring semester.  We had such a blast and my feet never felt any better... oh and ice cream afterwords at Mr. Freezes =

 Learn Guitar
 So I'm definitely no pro, but I can make my way around it... kinda... maybe?

 Take pictures with my dad on Campus
 We got all decked out for a banquet and then found some places to take pictures.... Fellow Alumni :)
Fellow Falcons!

 Graduate from College
Already wrote about this... but such an awesome day!!!
Such a good day (p.s. So thankful for my awesome Professors!!!)

 Learn to drive a four wheeler
We went to the sand dunes in Nevada...
  AKA the flippin' desert!!! It was so hot.  I'm pretty sure I told Brandy 100 billion times that I was just going to roll over and die in the desert... Any way, I totally learned to drive four wheelers.  It was sweet!

 Celebrate graduation with Brandy
 Fancy dinner included :) Yay us!
Too many pictures to choose from... sorry about that

 Write a letter to the people who most influenced me when I graduate
This took two months to finish, but I'm so thankful to everyone that helped me. (And to Brandy for sealing the envelopes, haha)

 Go canoeing
2 best friends + 1 of their boyfriends + 2 1/2 year old godson + me = amazing night on the river.  He's such a happy kid!  I love him!
My lil' man is such a water baby

 Go on a zip-lining course
7 Zips (4,025 feet worth), 2 50-foot belays, 2 rope bridges... oh and two amazing friends... yeah we're cool like that.
What a fun day with amazing people

 Learn to sew
I made my first project - a pair of some pretty sweet pj shorts... Thank you Mary for teaching me :)

3. & 49.
Learn to golf and Golf with Dad
These two are the same.... basically.  I had to sub for my mom in a golf scramble with my dad... So I went out back with Dad, hit a few golf balls and then played 9 holes with his team at the Elms :)  What a blast [[And for the record, I take back every bad thing I ever said about golf...]]
Awesome golf team here... haha

 Watch a meteor shower
A couple weekends ago we had a major meteor shower... So a friend and I laid on our backs on the bed of a trailer and watched the sky for a while.. Amazingly peaceful (pretty sure we saw 6 big ones and then like 7 little ones in an hour)

Go to an Air Show
Natalie asked me to go about 5 months ago, so we went with her dad and spent an amazing day at the Cleveland Air Show (Earplugs would have probably helped, but apparently they are lame, haha) From tricks, to a wing walker, to the Blue Angels, I can't wait for next year!!!!
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