Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good times with old friends

Day 16 - I'm not following her 
prompt today, because today was 
just too cool not to share

Tonight I got to see someone that I didn't think I'd ever see again!  Natalie and I, along with Brie, got to catch up on life with Mr. and Mrs. G [aka Jon and Erica, now that we're 'adults' - according to Mr. G, haha].  Mrs. G was one of my band directors and she was there when I first started playing bassoon. I was a freshman when she moved away and I think she may have visited later that year, but it's been a while!

Natalie, Brie, and I headed to the Spaghetti Warehouse tonight to meet up with their band, who is playing all over Ohio for the next few days.  We got to catch up with them and meet a few of the band members.  They introduced us to the band as her "now adult students."  It was fun. Add to that hanging out and having adventures with Natalie and Brie - I'd say it was a good night!

Also, I got to tell Natalie 'Happy Birthday' in person!  I failed to mention in my recap of the day that I also told her Happy Bday yesterday!  So we celebrated with goofy faces and a surprise from California :D

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