{ About Me }

This is me. {in the picture to your right}

I'm a daughter of a King trying to find my place in His grand design.  At twenty-something, I've got a lot to learn and I'm looking forward to it.  I'm a small town country girl at heart who would love nothing more to end up living on a farm, sharing God's love with those around me.

I'm no expert at anything really, so my blog really has no specific theme other than me seeking God in the every day moments of my life. This blog started as just a way for me to update my friends and family on the happenings of my life, but I've slowly been writing more and more about where God's been popping up in my life.  It's pretty entertaining.

Things about me you might want to know?
  • I'm just starting out life post-college
  • I work in the Information Services world
  • I originally planned on being a band director (I play the bassoon)
  • I recently found a love for horses and someday will own one
  • The middle of nowhere is where my heart resides (typically Amish country)
  • I'm in love with antique farming equipment (steam power, specifically)
Most importantly
  • God is the reason I live and breathe and I'm absolutely in love with Him!

So there you have it, a girl who can be super random, but who ultimately wants to serve God, and share with you what He shows me :)

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