Thursday, May 2, 2013

Under Pressure

Time pressure does have an amazing effect on people :P #efficiency #job #funny

Today's prompt for the May Challenge is to write about something we're good at or know a lot about. I couldn’t figure out what to write, so I kept putting it off.  That’s when it dawned on me that I’m really good at procrastinating!  It takes some skill to do what I do with procrastinating. I hit my deadlines and get everything  done, but man can I put things off until the last minute (take this post for example). So why not write about that?  My favorite way to procrastinate is to make a list of what I need to do.  For example: my general to do list for the week is as follows  [notice it’s Thursday night and only 3 got checked off ] -

·     Organize paperwork
·       Figure out bank accounts before Friday
·       Hem Black and Brown Pants
·       Create Corey’s graduation invites (5/5)
·       Update Resume
·       Update Linked In
·       Plan tea garden
·       Call Bobby Jo to make lunch plans
·       Call Tru Strength to set up an appointment (5/4)
·       Call Nick to catch up
·       Call Jasmine
·       Get summer clothes out of the barn
·       Pay Dental Bill (4/29)

On top of my lists, here’s how I manage to achieve optimum procrastination levels

This was Brandy's Christmas gift - I made the skirt
and sent it to her in March...
just a bit late
1. Always have multiple things that need to get done, especially a few that don't have deadlines. 
By having a few that don’t have deadlines, I can always start working on an item that doesn’t have to be done.  That means the task that needs to be done tomorrow can wait until one in the morning.  Take packing luggage for example.  That never happens early.

This was Brandy and my belongings when we switched cabins at camp...
Campers showed up an hour after this picture. 
We got it clean, believe it or not.
2. Rationalize putting things off with prioritization.
By prioritizing my list, I can come up with reasons as to why it’s okay for something to get put off for another week, despite it being an easy task.  For example, I have enough pants to last me.  I don’t need to hem my pants yet, I’ll just pull my summer clothes out.  Solution: summer clothes beats hemming pants. Unfortunately, my pants have needed hemmed for weeks and they are  only partially done.  But those summer clothes are now sitting in a box, not quite sorted and brought out, but they’re in the house!!!
My room looked like the picture on the left for over a month...
3.   Netflix
In college, Netflix and I became best buds.  There went my studying hours, I discovered a new TV show.  First it was Grey’s Anatomy, followed by many others.  My current unhealthy obsession: How I Met your Mother.  Thank you bub for that suggestion.  I can always justify another 22 minute episode over paperwork.
This is a stack of t-shirts all ready to be made into a quilt... from 3 years ago... Never started it.
4. Busy-ness
Best way to procrastinate, get involved in something and be busy.  Pack every activity you can into your schedule – coffee with a friend, a ride at the barn, shopping, the library, reading a book, anything to keep you from your task.  [[P.S. Busy-ness will be a topic some other day.  God’s really been working in my life on that one]]

This was the quilt I made for the Varga's...
Pretty sure I spent three hours the day of the wedding in the
laundry mat washing it to finish it :D
And last but not least

5. “I work better under pressure”

My best results come from when I’m under pressure.  If I want my best, it just makes sense to wait until the last minute!!! There’s nothing wrong with being grumpy because you’re stressed, right? [Honestly though, I do work well under pressure, but my attitude stinks during it]

Disclaimer: While I may work well under pressure, and I do meet my deadlines, procrastination is not something I support.  I may be good at it, but it’s definitely a struggle of my life.  I try to be organized and that helps, but waiting until the last moment is something I’m trying to work on.

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