Thursday, May 16, 2013

Typical Day

Day 15 - A day in the life of

Today was a bit rough for me... it all started with forgetting my cell phone (stupid) and my attitude did nothing to help.  I thought about postponing this day in the life of for another day that was a day filled with fun, but I guess this is more real. 

I overslept and didn't get out of bed until around 7:25. Skipping breakfast because I knew I'd be eating at work, I talked with Mom and headed out the door (remembering the camera, but not the phone)

I listen to Air1 or the Fish radio every morning (or my iPod, if it's charged).

3 minutes from work, I  realized the phone was at home, yelled a lot and banged on the steering wheel.  Decided to just go to work. 

I was in training all day and worked through lunch, otherwise I'd have pictures of my knitting project for you. 

I love my drive home from work :D

After work though, life was a bit more normal.  I came home and headed to the pharmacy.  Yay for an inhaler :)  I then went to the car wash.  The truck was in desperate need of a bath. So desperate that I'm still going to have to hand wash it. 

Isn't my truck gorgeous!  I love it!

I came home and talked with Mom.  I washed the windows in my truck and laid the floor mats out to dry in the sun while she worked in her flower beds.  I caught up on Once Upon a Time and Dance Moms (guilty pleasure) while I ate supper. 

I talked on the phone with a friend while I waited for Reata to come over. We made a trip to Wal Mart to pick up way too many ingredients for rigatoni.  I've never made rigatoni before, but I'm making enough for a hundred people this weekend.  Pictures to come of that for sure. 

Rigatoni anyone?

We danced around Wal Mart and got plenty of stares given the large amounts of food in our cart. 

How did I get so lucky to have her in my life?

We came home and reminisced about life.  Spent some good quality time together... I called my brother to wish him a happy birthday and now I'm headed to bed.  All in all, a typical day.

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