Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Swap Reveal!

This is getting posted a day late, but I'm really excited to link up with Joey, Myra, and Courtney for their summer swap!

I was partnered with such a cool person - Becca over at One Girl, One Beautiful Life!  We were such a good match.  She's out in Minnesota - loves the Lord, enjoys the outdoors (and has inspired me to go snow hiking next winter, I'm stoked), crochets, and she visits some pretty amazing places.  Someday, I want to make it out there!

I was so excited to get the package in the mail, and I was only able to hold off a couple days before I tore it.  I absolutely love what she got for me, and have used everything already!! 

I immediately put on the nail polish - it was perfect for the graduation and flip flop weather days last week!  Not to mention - it's my favorite color!!

You can never go wrong with flip flops!

Burt's Bees - my absolute favorite.  

Gum - always good to have on hand, and I love the flavor

And I think my favorite are these bracelets!  I don't normally wear bracelets, but I'm pretty sure I've been wearing a combination of these bracelets almost every day since I got them. 

Case in point!  This was Corey's graduation - I made him dance with me :D

Thank you so much Becca!  I'm so excited we were paired up!
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