Monday, May 6, 2013

Ever since fourth grade...

Tonight I was at Montage, typically where I am on a Sunday night.  It's a ministry that reaches out to the Massillon community.  They open up as a coffee shop on Sunday nights and then at 6:30, they have a worship session.  It's kind of amazing!  

I started going there with my amazing best friend Reata.  Oh if only words could describe our friendship.  Any who, we decided that we wanted something new in our life and another friend had said I should check it out, so I grabbed Reata (because I was too chicken to go alone) and we went and, well, here we are 4 months later!  
1 - Random Dance Party 2 - Teaching Reata to ride a horse 3 - Goofing off in the barn
4 - Self Explanatory 5 - Riding Mel 6 - Getting ridiculously dolled up

All this intro to lead into talking about my wonderful friend Reata-Mae.  It was a really good night at Montage.  After the final worship song, I looked at Reata and gave her a big hug!  And then we had a moment.  I'm so unbelievably blessed to have this amazing woman in my life.  

1 - Post-prom senior year 2 - Our first steam show 3 - Cedar Point with Katie 4 - Mission Trip

Reata is the friend who gets me to be spontaneous.  It was her life goal our senior year to make me spontaneous.  She succeeded, a little bit at least.  I can spend hours talking about everything with her.  She is dedicated to everything she does, and I'm not quite sure how she does all that she does.  

1 - Cookies at Grounds 2 - Shopping in the snow 3 - Wizard of Oz
4 - Annie Get Your Gun 5 - Shopping faces! 6 - Pajama Game

She thinks I'm crazy; I pretty much think the same thing of her, and it works for us.  I'm so excited to be living here again so that she's in my life as much as she is.  I love our random dance parties, sleepovers, ice cream dates, Bible studies, and other adventures.  I love that she's convinced me to go kick boxing this week.  I might not appreciate her as much after kick boxing, but we'll see how it goes :)  

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