Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long overdue

Remember my last post, oh so long ago about how much I missed laying in my own room? Well now I just miss laying in a bed.  I mean, I've went a few weeks sleeping on a barn floor, so I've definitely slept in places worse than an air mattress, but I'm tired of sleeping on this thing.

Moral of the complaint... I'm going to a mattress store tomorrow...

I apologize for the lack of updates from me, and I truly hope to improve on that now that I'm in school, so feel free to annoy me until I do so. . .

I think it's been about 3 weeks since my last post, so we shall dive into some highlights:

Akron Aeros Game:  Pastor Dale and I took some kids to see the game a week before I left.  We didn't really go to see the game, we went for the ice cream.  I've never had so much ice cream in my life.  It was truly an experience.  To describe this ice cream, it came in a baseball helmet.  It had a pound of brownie on the bottom of it, topped with 4-6 bananas, then with 21 scoops of different flavored ice cream, and as if that wasn't enough, let's add a half can of reddi whip, chocolate syrup and sprinkles to the mix.  It was a beast.  And 7 of us finished TWO of them!! So much fun, but def. made me sick.

The next day, I got to spend a few hours with my handsome godson at the Akron Zoo.  So cute.  He has started to talk, his phrase that day was "Where did it go?"  He loved the animals, loved the carousel even more (what a ham, waving at everyone and all that).  It was great getting to see them.

And then after that, I got to see Aunt Lisa, Uncle Carl, Steph, Jayden, Grandpa and Sharon.  Always nice to see family, and watch them play cornhole and all that :)  Love it!

I then spent a little over a day at the Dover Steam Show.  It's been a few years since I've been there, and I loved getting to catch up with everyone.  I really missed those shows, the engines, the distinct smell of coal smoke, the sights.  So cool to be back there.

Saturday, I got to enjoy some time at the Back to School Bash for Stanwood, which involved bounce houses, giant boxing gloves, cornhole, cotton candy, oh and a dunk tank.  Add a bunch of jr and sr high kids, and it was a blast.

All fun must come to an end though, and I left summer behind to move into my town house.  The house is great and more will be on that later, but for now, my first two weeks of school have been fine.  It's been an adjustment trying to schedule things (despite me trying to lessen my schedule load), but it's going fairly well.

It was nice to be back with friends, starting H20 again (Bible study - Fusion) totally looking forward to that.  I headed home to do some work last weekend, and I got to enjoy a Tuslaw football game. I also got to spend my last day with my girls, finishing up Ruth chapter 4.  I'm going to miss those girls, but I'm looking forward to getting together sometime this fall.

This week has seemed to crawl by. It was extremely hot this week, which won't last long for BG, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  I'm more settled in my house now, and I finally have a bed (I started writing this update on Tuesday, it's now Sunday and I bought a bed on Friday!)  A special thanks to Josh for helping me bring it here.

Now I am enjoying the company of Corey and Mom.  They are staying here for the weekend. We've enjoyed setting up the xbox, watching movies, going to church, and lounging around.  What fun!

Well that was quite the update, expect more to come!

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