Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pictures Finally!

Well, it looks like blogger is finally going to upload my pictures, so here is a recap of August in Pictures!!!

Katie's Birthday Party:
The gang at Baylors
   Katie and Me!
Bryon on the swing
Ariel, Brandy, Me, and Dawson at Kings Island
Brian C. in his wonderful performance!
    Teaching Reata to Ride
   Little Falls
  Self Portrait
The beautiful falls!
Our wonderful campers
The gang at the Aeros game

Kay with her icecream
Kay brought a ladle to eat with
The Boys
What we devoured

Bryon at the zoo looking cute

Bryon being a ham on the carousel

These are the deer I saw that day

Steam Show!

These are the girls from the Bible Study

Laura came to visit

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