Thursday, August 18, 2011

I never realized...

I never realized just how much I enjoyed laying in my room.  It has been a little over 2 weeks since I first (well to give credit where it is due, when Brandy first) started painting my room.  And I guess I need to clarify what painting means... bear with me.  I'm not just painting, but redoing the room so that it is more welcoming. Which includes new curtains :)  As well as moving around a lot of furniture and just making it a more "sophisticated" room.  After all, who would want to sleep in a teenage girls room (other than the obvious teenage girl) with memorabalia from Jr and Sr. high band and dance and everything else I had going for me... To be honest, I never really thought I'd reach this point where it was okay to put that stuff away, in memory boxes where they belong.  That way my future children have ammunition to make fun of their mother. . . haha!

Anyway, the room has finally reached the point where I can scrub the carpet (with the help of a rug scrubber, mind you).  It's so exciting!  But, during my self-imposed break, I am currently laying on my back, on the floor of my room, just enjoying being in here.  It's sad that I have to leave in just a few short days.  But trust me, I will be back way more often than in the past years.  (A definite perk of not continuing to be an RA for the third year)

The past few days have been enjoyable.  Besides painting (in which there will be an entire post dedicated to the long process of my room), I have just enjoyed being at home, not working.  I miss work, but do enjoy getting everything in order for school.  I've also enjoyed driving back roads, stopping to enjoy the view (and take a few pictures.

On Monday, I actually stopped because I saw a deer grazing just off the road.  Naturally, I slowed down in case it decided to dart.  Upon taking out the camera, it decided to run back into the clearing, where I turned just to find myself within 25 feet of 3 other deer (1 doe, 3 fawns, still with fading spots).  Absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you can believe that I put the car in park and just watched while at the same time snapping pictures.

Then I saw a car approaching in the rear view mirror (and she did not seem to be slowing down), thus I had to leave this moment of serenity.  I felt a tad bit annoyed at the driver of the car, who zoomed by the clearing without so much as a glance as to why I had been stopped.  How sad for that driver to miss out on such a wonderful sight.

This thought led me to think of how many times I just zoom by God's beauty and all that He tries to show me because I am in a hurry, or have my own agenda without a thought as to what else might be going on.  How sad... and convicting.

Well, I leave you with that nugget to ponder on.  I am going to go enjoy a fresh tomato sandwich, and then begin scrubbing.  Enjoy the day!!

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