Friday, September 23, 2011


Keeping on the topic of what God's been showing me in my life.... yesterday I was hit in the face with my selfishness...
I'll get to that in a bit... as this started on Friday...

Friday, I headed home around 11:30 with Kellie.  She missed her last class so that I could rush home to see my friend Kenny.  He's stationed overseas and was home for 2 weeks.  He left yesterday.  Any prayers that can be lifted up for him and his wife, his sister, brothers, grandma would be much appreciated.  I got to see him for about 20 minutes, but at least I got to see him.
Kenny and I
I also got to see his sister, Katie, and my beautiful godson, Bryon!  He's getting so big!  He turns 2 in a month!  So exciting.  He doesn't quite have the 'T' sound down, so no saying my name yet, but lots of hugs and kisses for Aunt Tiff, or Aunt T, whatever he can say first.... [I'm really looking forward to that :) ]

I got to spend the evening with Mom and Dad and Uncle Steve watching the awful Buckeyes game.   I hope they get better....  But it was a lot of fun being home and spending a Saturday night with them.

Sunday, I spent the morning in church, which is always a blessing.  They are starting a study on Galatians. I'm looking forward to listening to the sermons online, which I am thoroughly enjoying doing as I write.  After church, I got to go four wheeling.  I also got to spend some time in the pasture with the horses, as Mel (the blind horse I rode) is getting worse, thinner, and will probably be put down soon.  But I got to spend time with her, so that was good.


The donkey who kept following and playing in the pasture
Me and Mel
Me and Dusty, a 2 year old who also kept following and playing :)
After a two hour drive that was very peaceful, I got back to BG and started feeling sick.  I think I've got a cold.  Luckily, after 5 days of it, I can finally breathe and see light at the end of the tunnel.  It's funny how when you are sick, you can't remember what it is like to be well.

Tuesday, it seemed as if nothing could go right.  I slept in to hopefully help my system recover [in hindsight, this was a good decision].  But then things went sour at work, then in class, and then in riding lessons. But to be fair, during riding, I feel that it went well.  I enjoyed it and am up for the challenge.

All that doesn't seem like it points to selfishness right?  But that's okay, there's a lot more going on behind all those words that I'm not going to put out here on the website, but I have been nothing but full of complaints this week, and unfortunately, those close to me have suffered from my word vomit of complaints.  And after making a few people suffer through this, God finally made me stop and say hey, wow, do you realize how selfish you are.... life is not all about you, take your eyes off yourself and look around.  Look at what I'm trying to show you.  There is so much more. Quit being lazy and come back to Me.

Quite a wake up call.  But I need it and I'm embracing it.  I'm looking forward to what He has in store for me.  I cannot wait.  Thanks for reading my rant.  The week, despite the bumps, has been good because I can always find joy in the Lord.  Not necessarily happiness 24/7, but joy. And for that, I rejoice!

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