Wednesday, September 14, 2011


...A quality all of us probably need more of.  They always say that you should be careful what you wish for, but sometimes I feel like that with prayer.  Inevitably, God's going to do great things when you ask for it.  [to clarify, I do believe in prayer without ceasing, I'm still working on it, I think I will always be working on it].  But sometimes, God answers those prayers in ways that are tough.

Today, I asked God to be with me, helping me guard my thoughts and my heart.  Sometimes God does just that, stands guard in front of my heart and my thoughts.  I tend to think of a big tall guy that no one will mess with (totally my imagination just going wild, haha).  But then there are other times that God gives you opportunities where it's going to test you majorly.  God is still very much there, but this is meant as a trial, as a way to make you stronger, to refine you by fire.

Today was one of those days.

I have this wonderful little PT Cruiser, affectionately named P-T (not sure how it's spelled to be honest).  It just rolled over 65000 miles (if you haven't watched the video in the last post, you should).  This morning, it's check engine light went on.  Great.  Okay, make it to class, first priority. Second priority, let's check the oil.  I was due for an oil change, hopefully that's it.  (Now I know I shouldn't check it after the car ran, but it made me feel better to see that it was okay).

After that, I ran around with the car trying to figure out what was all going on with it. I was thrown from place to place, made to wait, made late to other classes.  It was so frustrating.  Prior to tap today, I had gotten nowhere except a 2 dollar charge for a half hour of parking.

Finally after tap, I got to AutoZone and found that it shouldn't be a big problem, I can still come home to see Kenny!  But I had to get back to campus and go to class.  After class, I headed out to another place recommended by a friend, where he was very nice, let me in even thought the place had just closed.

The car isn't fixed, but I get to go in tomorrow to see what they can do.

But today, anger definitely clouded my thoughts, as well as anxiety, and frustration.  It was definitely a trial and a test.

But God is good, and there were people who were really helpful and really kind.  Patience... is a good thing.  Guarding your heart and thoughts is also a good thing.  We are supposed to be joyful always.  This doesn't mean happy all the time (I think people would wonder if we were sane or not if we tried to be happy all the time).  It was hard to remember that at times today, but it something I'm working on.

Not sure why I felt like sharing that, but now I did.... be prepared for God to say 'yeah I will, but not the easy way.  This time, you get to work, and while it will be hard at the time, you'll walk away a better person.'

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  1. "You see, the place of our defeat is often the place of the greatest victory, because we come to the end of ourselves and we turn it over to God at that point. So many people, when they get to that place, "At last, I've had it. This is the end." No, it's the beginning of a whole new experience, the experience of God's power working in your life." Chuck Smith :) gotta love Chuck tracks...


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