Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow, Mondays are long.   Especially after a fun filled weekend filled with a good dose of being out in the country!

But before I get to that, I've got to tell you about all the fun we had last Thursday! It was a little after midnight (I should have been sleeping, but decided to read instead).  Well the lights dimmed and then came back on, so I immediately unplugged all electronics [first instincts, gotta love them].  The lights stayed on for about 20 more seconds, and then Kala(my roommate), Henry(the dog), and I found ourselves without power.


Not quite knowing what to do, I realized I didn't have a flashlight, as my headlight I normally use needs batteries and isn't here.  I found some candles and we lit those. Story: Kala and I decided to take Henry for a walk to see where else was without power.  We walked outside, to be questioned by our neighbors if we had power since there were lights on in our house... Oops! Definitely walked out without putting out the candles.  Well after fixing that little problem, we headed back out.  We got as far as the road before it started raining really hard and we ran back to the house.  As it turns out, most of BG was without power that night.  I still don't know why, or for how long, but it was about 2 by the time I got to bed.

So this weekend, I spent my time with friends at the Stumptown Steam Show.  It was so much fun.  We basically drove a caravan down there... 4 trucks and 3 trailers :)  Oh and it was dark too!  A lot of fun though.  I got to enjoy being in the middle of nowhere, where the sky was beautiful!  The best places to be are under the stars or on a farm... or both!  Well, it wasn't really a farm, but there were plenty of tractors and other stuff to make it feel like one (they even had goats!).

It's always fun to be with friends, enjoying simple pleasures in life.  It may sound funny, a girl who definitely did not grow up with anything resembling farm life loving antique farming stuff, but I do.  Especially the steam engines.  So cool!  There is just something about going back in time even just for a weekend.  Back to a time where life wasn't so busy.  Someday, my life will be like that.  [Brandy would tell me that's Peruvian time :) haha]

Aden, the 15 horse compound Russell Steam Engine

Aden on the Thresher

The steam gauge and the two whistles, I was having fun with the camera

My shirt and all the dirt I collected from Sunday

One last treat for you.  On my way back to BG, I got to watch PT roll over 65000 miles!  Since it's all electronic, it's really not that cool, but I took a video of it!  I think what makes this video so cool is the fact that the orchestra music that I was listening to made it such an intense moment that I just have to laugh at it :) Can anyone guess what the music is from?

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