Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whoa, it's been a month!

Wow.  The month of Februrary is unbelievably busy.  And somehow, this blog went by the wayside...

For those of you who might not know me well, I am a part of an awesome community theatre known as the Black Swamp Players.  This was my fourth and final year with them.  Sad day.  But they've been the most amazing family I've had in BG.

This year we did the Pajama Game.  Yes, pajama's.  And we worked in a pajama factory :)  Great stuff! It's not one of my favorite shows, but after doing it for over 2 months, it's grown on me.  And you can't beat this cast.  They were great.  If you missed the show, well there is always the musical next year :) haha.

Thanks to all that came!  I loved seeing you there.  I'm going to add a bunch of pictures, mostly for my benefit, but hey, you can look too!!

My lovely family!
Friends <3
Theatre Family!!

Yep, that's totally me in the air
The past 3 shows... Love it!
Crow and Scarecrow Catch!

So happy they are a part of my life!

This is Corey!
He's just so handsome!

We both look like we
are 4 years old... we
became the 'kindergarten couple'
of the cast. Haha

Four years,
it's hard to believe it was my
last show with them

This guy is the reason I am
a part of this group. He needed
tap dancers, so we gave him some :)

Without this guy,
my hair would be awful...
He's an awesome guy!

All 7 of us have been together
for a solid 4 years. 
I will miss them dearly!

One of my favorite pictures
of the entire show!

Long lost family right here!
Not often you find people who know what a
steam engine is...
Love them!

I will miss you all dearly.  Thanks for all the fun!

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