Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Liquid Sunshine

I have eight weeks left of college.  Which means I have already completed 128 weeks of college (give or take a day).  That is kind of crazy.  But it also means that I just got back from JAMAICA!!!  Yep, that's right, this girl went to Jamaica and fell in love with it.

Here's my top ten list of what exactly I fell in love with [from the top down]:

10 -  The sun
I love the sunbeam here!

9 -  Salt Water

8 -  Coconuts

7 -  84 degree weather

6 - The sand

5 -  Food, whenever I wanted it

4 -  Pina Coladas

3 - The Caribbean

2 -  The sunsets!

And most of all
The amazing people I met (I really miss them)

Any who, expect like fifty bazillion posts about Jamaica because it truly was amazing.  The people really were the best part, and I so can't wait to go back there.   For this one though, I leave you with this thought.  Down there it rains, and when it does, they tell you to enjoy the liquid sunshine. Imagine if we turned all of our negatives into positives like that?  How amazing would that be?  God is good.


  1. OMG!!! That looks amazing!!! I'm so jealous. I can't wait to visit. It looks beautiful.

    Btw, You've been tagged. :)



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