Tuesday, June 28, 2011


As I get ready to head to Chicago, I want to get caught up on the blog so that I can start fresh when we get back.

So let's recap:

Horses: Well, as Pastor Dale always says, confession is good for the soul. I confess that I haven't actually went out to the farm for a bit. Joe and I braved the weather and headed out and stayed for a few hours two weeks ago. Poor Joe got completely stuck (sorry-no pictures) and we ended up letting the horse go to get him unstuck, but beyond that, all we did was hang out with the horses for a bit. Oh and move a hot tub? We had fun. Hope to do it again after Chicago

We went to Cedar Point a few Saturday's ago. I took a good friend, Ben with me. It was his first time being there. We had a blast (once we finally got there... I took forever getting ready and then forgot the tickets at home... yeah at least we only got to Dalton before it hit me). This was the first time I went to Cedar Point and didn't ride any big coasters. We walked around, visited places, rode the train (like 3 times, no surprise there for those of you that know Ben), and went on a few rides. We want to get a group together to go back and ride the big rides :) --Note it will be in August before I head back to school--
Ben after a long day at Cedar Point

God- Wow, He has been doing some major work. But then again, He always is. I can't believe the stuff He has placed into my life and what He is allowing me to do. I already wrote about VBS (read about it here) Those kids are amazing! Corey did amazing at VBS and he's going to start going to church with me. I'm super excited.

Right now there are major preps going on for Chicago. For those of you who don't know, I'm going with 4 other adults and 24 high school students to Chicago to work with Inner City Impact (click here to go to their website). The youth are running a day camp for K-5th graders for the week (amongst some other tasks). So we are in the process of finalizing games, crafts, songs, etc. [I've been dubbed game queen due to my camp experience - special shout out to Marmon Valley for equipping me with such great training and experience] It's going to be fun. Expect to see more about Chicago later.

So if you've managed to get this far in my blog, hopefully you'll stay for two last parts.... If not, comment and tell me to write less :)

Unexpected Visitor (almost) - Brandy got a chance to visit again. It's funny how when I left Cali this past January, I didn't know if I'd ever really see her again... and she's been to my house twice since then. :) Once again, God is good.

We talked, reminisced, and went hiking at the Wilderness Center (in our nice Vibram shoes <- the next post will be on my shoes)! I love that place. Someday, I will go and get pictures of the trail, and not just the observation deck that Brandy and I prefer to spend hours on. [i.e. there are pictures coming... wait for it... wait for it]

Gorgeous LilyPad

Evil Goose (where they got mother
goose from this is so beyond me)

We were both so tired

Our two shoes hanging out :)
^Brandy on the left, me on the right^

Last bit... be on the lookout for cornhole. Dad got boards for his bday and we've been playing a lot. So much fun. Pictures to come.

Leave comments and humor me... anyone can. I enjoy knowing people actually see this :)

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  1. I read Tiff :-) And I like your pictures the best!! I'm glad you had fun at the 'Point. Its such a bummer you left your tickets at home though



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