Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 days to go!

I can't believe that in 2 days, (not even) I am getting in a van with 14 other people (well maybe 12...) and driving to Chicago. Well I'm not driving, someone else is :) Oh and in case you didn't get this yet, most of the passengers are still in high school [not that far behind me, but it's still going to be an adventure!]

Matt, Kristan, and Jaxson had lunch with me today at Senor Panchos and finalized some last minute details. I am so unbelievably excited!! Prayers are much appreciated. For safety, for guidance, for being stretched, for having open minds and hearts, and to just be the hands and feet of Christ. The kids are ready to head out, the adults are ready to just say there is absolutely no more planning we could possibly do, and the countdown really has begun.... And packing should probably begin too.... About that..

Anywho, so like I said, I want to show you my new shoes [Check out their website here]. Here's what they look like:

My shoes enjoying the observation deck at
the wilderness center

Kind of weird, yes. But oh so comfortable. I'm not a runner. Ask anyone and they will tell you that Cross Country was a bad mistake I made in Jr. High... One season of it. I will repeat, I'm not a runner. These shoes were originally made for barefoot runners. Now they have expanded quite a bit, and I am using mine for hiking, hopefully some bouldering, and just 'traveling.'

I wore them to VBS last week and can't tell you the strange looks/remarks I got. They look like gorilla feet. I love them. I walk barefoot as much as possible anyways, and now I can go on rougher trails and still feel like I'm barefoot.

Brandy and I went to the Wilderness Center this past weekend and had a lot of fun going everywhere in them. (She's had a pair for about 10 months now) Let me tell you, these shoes rock. My feet are still getting used to them, as it forces your foot to use way different muscles than we are used to, but they rock.

I'm looking forward to sporting them in Chicago, and you can bet there will be pictures!!

Because this was a little more of a boring post, I leave you with a funny Corey-dote (like an anecdote, only Corey-er) [my friend Ashley, the linguistics specialist, who is actually going to be an English teacher will probably cringe from that, but I think she'll laugh too]

First, a bit of background. Corey has opened a repair shop in our house. If you call our home, you will most likely hear him answer: Hello, this is Corey's repair shop. Can I help you? It is really amusing. It is open 10-10 M-F and closed on the weekends. So if you need something fixed, give us a ring :)

Tuesday Morning: 5am. Corey wakes up singing what sounds like the Barney song, minus the words. Who knows. 5:30am. I'm leaving to have breakfast at Mrs. J's when I look over and Corey is at his repair shop. I say, Corey, your shop doesn't open until ten.

His response: I have paperwork to fill out.

Oh, rest assured that life in the Bennethum household is never dull.

[for those who don't know Corey, he's 18 and is also mentally and physically handicapped, and for him to even know what paperwork is, much less that a business has it is highly astounding, hence the Corey-dote]

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