Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little mud never hurt anybody

Another week has come and gone, and this one is almost over too. Wow, I need to stay on top of this a little bit more.

It's been a crazy, amazing week and a half! Last week, we got hit with a lot of rain (which I guess isn't that much of news considering the entire country got hit). However, I don't think I've ever seen the flooding that I got to experience driving back roads on my way home from work. No, I didn't drive on flooded roads, but the fields were quite a sight! Our house also has some kind of bubble over it apparently as every major storm last week passed right over us. Take a look:

Thankfully the weather cleared up, and following suit as Ohio does, we are now in the complete opposite weather: Hot and Humid! But it's definitely a nice change :)

Last week I got to spend an evening with Bill and Mary Hoover. It was such a blessing to spend time talking and just enjoying each others company. I'm very grateful to all of the people that God has placed in my life.

Speaking of the Lord and the people He has blessed me with, I never mentioned that I became a member of the Stanwood Church. I'm really excited about it and am very thankful for all of their support. I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the summer.

Saturday, the gals all went to Portage Lake for a few hours. Ashley brought Makaila and Kay and I followed Andrea. We had a lot of fun. It was kind of cold due to the wind, but once we waded out into the water (all the way up to our ankles, we were so brave <-haha) it started to warm up. Makaila absolutely loved it! After lunch and playing on the slides, we called it a day.

Sunday came along and I was excited to see Brandy! She decided to come out and visit for the day and next morning before heading off to camp. We had so much fun. After getting her fed with some lovely Dariette food, we headed out to the Lovette's to have some fun with the horses. We ended up being there for quite a while. After messing around with all of the other animals, we finally got to ride. Brandy rode Wes, the draft horse I fell off last week (he's a big teddy bear though) and I rode Mel again. We had a lot of fun. It was cooler by that time in the day, so we rode bareback for about an hour. I almost got a canter out of Mel, but we didn't quite get there. Brandy had a fun ride too :)

Oh funny story that I forgot to mention: So while trying to catch the two horses, it took us quite a bit and the rest of the horses wanted the grain we had. Well trying to catch a blind horse that is getting nipped by the head horse doesn't quite work. By the time I got her going back to the barn, I had broken a sweat. Oh did I mention it had rained and the pasture was a little muddy?

Well it was and about 15 feet from the barn, I was stuck. Stuck with a lot of horses around me. Jeff offered to help, and when he had Mel, the other horse Lady thought it was appropriate to steal the bucket from me. She did and Mel spooked a bit and walked towards me. I had no where to go (not that I could go anyways, I was def. stuck in the mud). So in about a second, I had a hundred thoughts go through my brain, all summing up to faceplant or footplant. My decision was to take my foot out of my boot and step right into almost knee deep pasture mud (which is not just dirt... I'll let you figure that one out).

Okay, so that's the funny story right? Wrong. I go back to get my boot and in the process, the 2 year old comes back for more and I'm forced to abandon my other boot. There I stand, knee deep in the pasture with no shoes on. Fun stuff there. Brandy was laughing so hard at me. Needless to say, I went through a lot of clothes that day.

It's never dull here :)

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  1. Wait, camp? As in, Marmon Valley?? XD


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