Saturday, January 12, 2013

The awesome-ness of the past 2 months

Like I said earlier, it's been a whirlwind here for a few months.  But so cool at the same time.

For instance, we made a ton of hard tack this year after Thanksgiving!  I love this tradition and am so blessed to hang out with these guys every year (not to mention we make some pretty awesome stuff here!)

We made 58 3/4 lbs of hard tack this year!
Doesn't the hard tack look amazing!

Oh, and I bought a truck.  Petey is officially gone.  He lived a good life and we had a lot of fun and a plethora of adventures.  But now I get my little truck (a baby truck, as Corey calls it).  I don't care what he says, I love it and it's mine :)

No more Petey, but we did have fun together
My new truck, he doesn't have a name yet, but I love him! (sorry for the awful  phone picture!)

I made a bunch of Christmas presents thanks to the amazing tutelage of Mary.  She has taught me so much and I'm so proud of what I've made!  Pictures will come, eventually.

This is what I came into the day before my birthday!  I love my job!

My coworkers surprised me for my birthday.  So did my brother, Dave.  He showed up while I was at work and when I got home, he was hiding under my covers!

[[ Sad note, I did blow another tire, that wasn't so fun, but Bub was there to help and support me! ]]
What are big brothers for?  Changing tires of course, haha

I had an amazing Christmas with my family.  I got to spend an evening with a bunch of my cousins that I don't see all that often. What a crazy bunch!  So much fun to be around!

I love my family.  None of the pictures have us all looking or smiling,
but they are so fun!  I especially love Kenzie's crazy face in the bottom left!

My godson is now 3 and is totally into Christmas and 'Ho-Ho.'  Greatest. Thing. Ever. watching him open and play with gifts... And someday, he'll do more than throw and destroy houses (complete with sound effects, mind you) built out of the Lincoln logs I got him... haha.  
Isn't he adorable?!?!?

I have also started to acquire a collection of board games.  I really want to do game night someday if anyone is interested.  And if you haven't learned of the game Fluxx, you should.  It's pretty much amazing!

And the last of my vacation coolness... I got to spend New Years with none other than Miss Ashley!  I love her!  And haven't seen her since September! Add in a phone call with the third in our trio and the day was completely made. I finally played Risk for the first time (and dominated once I took over Asia)! We watched the ball drop and then sat in bed talking until 2!  And then she took me shopping! Finish New Years off with dinner with Anthony's family, and let's just say it was a perfect two days! 
I learned to play this on New Years... Notice the green in Asia and Australia?  Yeah that's me!!!

Basically I had an awesome couple months, just with a few minor set backs and changes. Gotta love life!

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