Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 7 - Thankful for my oldest friends

The extended gang - Bryon, Andrew, Katie, Kenny, Amy, and me
Today I got to speak with Kenny. It's been a really long time and it was so awesome to hear from him.  For those that don't know, I was blessed to grow up with him and his twin sister, Katie.  From the age of 5 until now, they've been a big part of my life.  So many of my memories involve these two.  I learned a lot, traveled a lot, enjoyed a lot of time, and got into plenty of trouble with them.  They are as much my siblings as Corey and David are.

Katie and I at Cedar Point
Kenny and I when he was home in 2011
All three of us have gone on completely different paths in life, but it's been so cool to see it all happen.  To see Kenny get married to his wonderful wife and serve our country has been such a blessing.  I'm totally a proud sister!  And Katie, she has a little guy who is the sweetest kid I've ever met.  She's such an amazing mother.  

Today, I'm thankful that they are a part of my family.  I'm thankful that I get to see everything that God has in store for us. 

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