Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13 - Thankful for the country life

On Sunday I got to spend a few hours crammed into a combine.  It was such a cool experience.  We were taking off soybeans, and let me tell you, what a dust cloud!  Pretty sure there is at least a pound of dust just chillin' in my lungs right now.  That's the first time I got to do that.  I love being able to experience new things, and farm life has definitely stolen my heart.
Some highlights of the day
But getting back on track here, its day 13 and I'm thankful for where I live.  I'm thankful for the buggy that goes by my house or the one that I get stuck behind when I'm trying to get somewhere.  I'm thankful for the horses that perk up when I walk to my car every morning.  I'm thankful for the cows that are really loud when they can't see their calf nearby. I'm thankful for the fact we can have a bonfire without getting a permit. I'm thankful for the fresh veggies we get from our garden. I'm thankful for being able to see the sunset and the sunrise from our deck.  I'm thankful for the farms that I get to drive by on my way to work.  For the work they do that helps our country move along.  I'm thankful that I've gotten to experience farm life; for the few hours I got to spend in a combine on Sunday.  I am thankful I've been so blessed to be immersed in God's creation.

A few of my favorite sights: Amish working in the field, fresh tomatoes, working in the field, getting behind a tractor or buggy on the road, Berg's hill, a camp fire, and my mom's ponds... amazing

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