Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heart Therapy

So awhile back, I started to get more involved in the blog world.  The first thing I did was completely change how my blog looked (I like it so far, haha).  Then I did the 101 things to do list (which I'm super behind on, but I'm working on it). 

Another thing I did was participate in an Ornament exchange and my ornament came!!!  I will share it with you next post.  However, now I want to start being involved in something else.

It's also through the blog that did the ornament exchange. From Eisy Morgan:

"Heart Therapy: Where we share what we are walking through.

 I will give a writing prompt that you can spin off of, or just share something you have been feeling or thinking about, or something you are learning or going through. Time to do something that will help your heart. Something I believe we neglect all too often. " - Eisy Morgan

And now I want to start being a part of it. Here is the prompt we got: "This week we are listing what we value. All too often we choose what we value based on what we think people want us to value, rather than what we really love."

What are my values?  
Education: beliefs and philosophy on education for myself: I believe that we should always be learning.  If you haven't learned anything today, you're doing something wrong.

Politics: I try to stay out of them

Religion: <- a word I try not to use.  To me religion implies rituals, following rules just because they are rules, not truly believing but doing all the 'right' things.  I am a child of God's, a believer of Jesus Christ, saved by grace, not by works.  Totally unworthy, but totally loved

Parenting: How do I want to raise my kids once I have a family? To become loving, respectful, faithful adults.  I pray that they know and love the Lord, but I trust Him in what He's going to do.  I'll probably have a more 'traditional' home than what is considered 'modern.'

Love Relationship: What characteristics are most important: Respect, love, faith, and all three towards God. Respect everyone, even if they don't deserve it.  Love everyone, especially if they don't deserve it.  Have faith in everyone, for it's not your place to judge. Respect God. Love God. Believe God.

Men: who is the ideal man for you (if you aren't married) The one described above, haha.  A small town guy. Someone who isn't afraid of working hard, getting dirty, and showing his love for everyone. One who loves God more than me, and knows God on a personal level.  Ha, the vision in my head is that guy who follows John Waynes saying Talk Low, Talk Slow, and don't talk much, wearing flannel, and is just a big teddy bear.  How funny!

Friends: what kind of friends am I attracted to? Those who accept me, those who bring new things to my life, and they tend to live all over the US

Movies: what kind do I like best? Romantic Comedy

Books: Favorites? Fantasy Fiction

Jewelry: What is my style? Silver!! Or White Gold

Fashion: I love sweaters in the winter, you'll always find me in jeans if I'm not dressed up, modest clothing (Modest is hottest, haha)

Cars:  I really want a truck, preferably a Chevy

Architecture and House Style: Old Farm House with a wrap around porch
Furniture: Old fashioned furniture

Gemstone: Emerald or Ruby

Weather: Fall weather, I like the leaves, the bonfires, the wearing of sweatshirts

Geography: The Midwest holds my heart

Season: Fall

Music for Listening:Contemporary Christian, 90s Country

Music for Dancing: Upbeat pop music

Leisure Time Activity: Riding horses, reading a good book

Kick-up-your-heels fun:Skydiving! Tap Dancing, Learning something new!

Exercise: Tap Dancing!

Television Show: I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy and I love Once Upon a Time

Food to cook/eat:
I'm a baker, so I love baking (even though I'm not a sweets person)
I love eating veggies!


Shopping Place:
Thrift Stores

California :)

Sport to watch:
Competitive Dancing/Gymnastics

Red or Earth Tones



Conversation: about what and with whom? I absolutely love talking with all the counselors from Marmon.  I consider them second family.  Talking about all the awesome things God is doing in our lives, our struggles, our triumphs, everything. God is amazing!

Favorite Age Group to hang out with?
Jr. High age!!! I love them!

What is YOURS?

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