Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Confessions of a 21 year old

I officially have 1 day left of being 21.  It's actually almost over, but we'll go with one day.  I've had a few posts with some confessions, but I think I want to start doing this weekly.  Just short, one line confessions, to record the week, to lay some thing down, simply for the fact that it's good for the soul.  Maybe you'll get something out of it, maybe not, but either way.  They might be pointless, but they are what they are.  Also, there will be no explanations, just confessions.  I like it :)  So here is the first 'official' one, as well as the last one as a 21 year old.

 Tonight, I choose to  choose 21 things, to honor my last few hours of my age
  1. I said I was going to bed 58 minutes ago, yet here I sit on the computer
  2. I started 2 Samuel a month ago, and haven't gotten past chapter 1
  3. Presents for Christmas have yet to be finished
  4. My closet looks like a department store exploded
  5. I'm super excited to have my entire family around for Christmas
  6. I haven't unpacked from college yet
  7. I love where I work
  8. I struggle with trying to be like Christ.  There are some days where going with this world seems so appealing, and I constantly lose the fight.
  9. I secretly still love Harry Potter :)
  10. Normally I love the Christmas music, but for some reason haven't been in the mood
  11. I've been debating about Santa Clause and what he may mean to my future family
  12. I'm a Sunday driver, as in I drive really slow (sometime slowing down just to take a picture)
  13. I'm not so good with small animals, that's why I like the big dogs and the big horses
  14. I'm awful at keeping a journal
  15. Somewhere, I know that God is preparing my husband just for me
  16. I'm so excited for what God has in store for me
  17. I totally got a thrill out of learning to program collapsible lists in Microsoft Word today
  18. I wish someone could actually surprise me, but my brain tends to put little clues together (only one has managed, and she is legendary, Miss Jasmine, haha)
  19. I've dreamed about turning 22 on the 22nd of December... 
  20.  I've texted while driving, but have made a pact to never do it again (it's been awhile now, I'm proud of that)
  21. I like having accountability in my life.  Otherwise, I would be fine sitting around doing absolutely nothing!
Happy Wednesday Night!  

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