Monday, November 7, 2011

New Post. New Look. New Direction

This post is a bit different than my last ones, just kind of updating you on my blog status and the future of it.  Did you notice that it looks different?!?!?! I'm so excited for it!

[[ For those of you who just read my blog through emails, and don't visit the blog (which is fine, I'm glad you read and keep updated on the crazy things in my life), you should come visit.  Click here to see my blog.  It has had a complete makeover. ]]

Back story:  These past few weeks, I've been reading other blogs and have found this whole new community of people that I'm excited to be a part of.  It's a new thing to do with my free time (yes you can laugh at that).  It's been really neat to meet other people in all walks of life.

While I'm learning not to compare myself with others, it's hard not to compare your blog to someone else's blog.  Being a computer science major, I saw things that I could definitely be doing using the skills I have learned in html and css and all of that jargon.  So, I considered it a challenge to make my blog unique <-- one of the items on my { Day Zero Project }

My blog is still going to have the main purpose of sharing the craziness that is my life with my family and friends.  It's never dull in the Bennethum household, and I'm sure you'd like to hear the adventures that occur in my life.  However, I've really enjoyed sharing exactly what God has been doing in my life with you.  Through my analogies that I love, He's been doing some really cool stuff.

I renamed my blog from Country Jam to "ExtraOrdinary Love in Ordinary Life." God's love is amazing and has completely changed my life.  He loves me so much, and it's my challenge to myself to find His love in my every day life. From the leaves on the trees to my professor's funny anecdotes for the day, God is constantly showing His love, I've just got to take the time to see it and believe it.

So that's my new direction. I'm going to try to be more involved in the blog world, participating in things and posting with other people.  I'm not sure where it'll end up, but I hope that you stick around to see what God does.  I'm sure interested in it.  It should be an exciting ride.

By the way, do you like the changes?  I do.  It was fun to try to figure out all the fun behind the scenes stuff.  Be on the lookout for fun, new things.  I'm officially checking this one of my Day Zero Project, even if I plan to continue it.  It looks pretty now :)   1 down, 100 to go!

Oh and last tidbit, my camera has now been found.  It was MIA for about 2 weeks, but it is now home, safe and sound!  Expect pictures soon!

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