Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tumbleweeds, Apple Dumplings, and Sine Curves

God is so good!  And He blessed me with a wonderful weekend surrounded by great company.

Friday evening, I got to spend some time just enjoying the spirit of being a "Falcon."  Last weekend was Homecoming, aka a time to take pride in being a student at BG.  Anyway,  I actually went to the parade to see my roommate, Maggie, and a  friend from back home, Marty, who were both on the Homecoming Court.  After taking pictures of them, I actually went to the 'pep rally,' the first time I've ever went :)  I actually enjoyed it too! [probably because I'm a sucker for tumbling passes and the dance team and cheerleaders performed... haha]

Some pictures from Homecoming


Afterwards, the real fun of the weekend began.  A small group from our Bible Study went to a corn maze.  The maze was themed after Noah's Ark and was filled with fun facts.  Our group split up and went our own ways, but we all had a blast.  It was a gorgeous night.  The sky was beautiful and the conversations were great.

Saturday came, and Lauren and I went to the football game.  We didn't stay long; the game was awful at first.  I mean, we were 1 yard from goal line and still managed to NOT score. So Lauren and I left...

We then picked up Josh and set out on a journey to find an Apple Dumpling Festival.  Josh had mentioned something the night before in the corn maze, and the weather just seemed perfect for a festival.  But before anyone sets out on a journey, food is an essential, so we stopped at Taco Bell :)  We then headed out to find this place.

Josh was our copilot as I broke Tom Tom (my faithful GPS).  We all enjoyed good conversations throughout our drive, but the most entertaining, I will share with you:

[after driving for a half hour]
Tiff:"Okay Josh, where am I going now?"
Josh:"Well first, you've got to get through the sine curve..."
Tiff:"The what?"
Josh: "The Sine curve, see?"
[he then shows me the map:]

Josh:"And then you'll be looking for Delta"
Lauren:"Well what's the change?"
Josh:"Oh math humor :)"

[for those that might not know, Delta was the name of the town we went to for the festival, and in math terms, delta means 'change']

Yeah, so our humor is lame, but it was fun.

We finally found the festival (after several wrong turns) and were a little disappointed.  It was super small, but we did get to enjoy good Apple Dumplings and fun at the park.

Josh and his friend who told him about the festival

Lauren on the merry go round
Maybe not the best decision after a dumpling....

After catching up with a friend of Josh's, we headed back to BG, stopping at a fruit farm, also running into another friend of Josh's, where we enjoyed homemade pumpkin donuts and non pasteurized apple cider [both of them = AMAZING!!!]

There was a petting zoo at the fruit place

We finally made it back to my place, where we were joined by Ashley and enjoyed watching "Dave and the Giant Pickle" (aka Veggie Tales, haha) and then The Killers. Once the movie ended, all four of us enjoyed an hour or so of playing Kinect.  You literally become the controller as it tracks your movements.  It makes for a very active game and a HILARIOUS thing to watch.

Josh and Lauren Jumping over obstacles

Ashley and Josh ducking under a barAshley and I blocking holes

We all enjoyed Henry  :)
Josh taking Henry for a walk :)

The evening ended and the weekend moved on.  I did a lot of programming on Sunday, so the weekend ended well.

So there you have it, my latest update on life; be on the lookout for my job search soon!

P.S. I tried to put video's on here, but it just wasn't working, but on another note Josh came up with the title for my blog today :)


  1. Fun Times!!! Thanks for posting

  2. haha looks like you guys had a blast! (: God always knows that we need... so cool


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