Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hmm... Part 2

Seeing as my last post started to become rather lengthy, I decided to keep you in suspense until now.  I left off with my Saturday afternoon at Marmon, a week ago.

Sunday, Brandy and I got to go to the church we attended last summer and enjoy being in their midst again.  Last summer, a wonderful couple (Terri and Wes) became our mentors within the group, and it was such a thrill getting to see them again.  I hope to make it there again this fall to continue to catch up.

After church, though, we got to ride horses again!  But this time, we went bareback (so much more comfortable than a saddle).  And, oh we also went to the river!  Once there, the horses had a blast splashing around, laying down, rolling around, oh and one of the horses had some fun rearing!  It was so much fun!  I rode Scotch pony, and I definitely got wet (which was definitely due to Scotch as well as Lizzie drenching me with splashes...).  Brandy was on our biggest horse (coincidentally named Tinkerbell).  Her hooves are definitely the size of dinner plates!  She didn't lay down or anything, but she had fun splashing around with her hooves, creating tidal waves in the small river.

All in all, it was awesome being back at Marmon, catching up with old friends, and being highly encouraged in Christ.  God is so unbelievably good.

Onto this past week, not too much happened.  I left my camera at Marmon on accident.  Brandy took it upon herself to personally deliver it in yet another trip to my house (I think there were ulterior motives to that trip.. haha), so I got to spend another evening with her, painting, listening to sermons, and then watching Corey's baseball game!

Prior to that, I got to spend a wonderful evening with the Hoover family.  I will definitely be missing those evenings.  I hope to visit when I can.

Now to elaborate on my wonderful ladies and our study of Ruth.  Man, what a blessing it is to spend time with these amazing girls.  This summer, after the Chicago trip, a Bible study was started for the high school girls.  Over the past four weeks, we've been getting together on Thursday nights to enjoy one another's company and spend some time in the Word.

This originally started out with just high school girls, but over the past month, has transformed to include mostly junior high, with a few exceptions.  God is good and I'm ready to do what He calls me to do.

Ruth is such an amazing book of the Bible.   And it is made so much better if you understand the cultural practices and the history of the time period.  I've been listening to various sermons on the book of Ruth, with one in particular by a guy name Richard Cimino.  [This church is kind of cool.  They literally started their church, chapter by chapter, starting with Genesis 1:1 and Matthew 1:1 and have continued to do so since then.  I highly recommend listening to his sermons.  Pretty awesome.  Check the church out here -> Metro Calvary  Under current sermons, you can subscribe through iTunes).

Back to our Bible study, I've enjoyed getting to learn about the book of Ruth.  There is so much that can come out of that small, but mighty book.  A lot about relationships, about family, about guys (pivotal point for the girls), about God, and even about Jesus and the church.

We are about to end our journey through Ruth this week with Chapter 4.  I'm not sure the theme for this chapter (The ladies have enjoyed my themes, which are definitely in their lingo.  Chapter 1:  Life sucks, but God provides.  Chapter 2: Life has to go on (the question of the week is Where did you glean today?) Chapter 3: LOB your life to God (Listen. Obey. Believe) ) It's been a wonderful experience, and I've loved getting to build relationships with all of these amazing girls.  I hope to continue to do so.  Your prayers are much appreciated.  Jr High and High school can be brutal, and if I can help in any way, then I pray that God uses me.  I love them and am very sad to leave them.  [I'm very thankful for the technology we do have].

This about wraps up my recap.  Oh!!! I forgot.  Painting is almost done (I understand if there are groans from you, as this has been an ongoing process).  But really, I just have trim to do, and that should be done today, if I can help it :)

As always, thank you for your prayers and for continuing to read. Have a blessed week!

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