Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Week Down

The past two days have been fun. Yesterday, Kellie and I spent the day at the Lovettes with all the animals. Kellie fell in love with the baby goats (she got to hold one and had a blast). We also found out that one of the 2 year olds that we are working with all summer has quite the crush on Kellie. So funny, but Lady wouldn't stop following Kellie everywhere. I'm looking forward to taking Kellie with me next time I go over.

I tried riding bareback again. That only worked for about 10-15 minutes before I had to get off. I was so sore! Kellie and I had an interesting morning trying to get Melodie out and ready to ride. We had to get Jack (one of the horses) into the pasture first, and well let's just say it was entertaining.

Besides the horse fun, Mom, Dad, and I went to Desert Inn last night for dinner. Talk about some amazing food. It was great getting to spend the evening with them (not to mention again that the food was awesome).

Today was spent with the youth group. We had a mission trip fundraiser for both the Jr. and Sr. High. They hosted a golf outing. I got to help out with all the food prep. Let's just recognize that God is so good. It's been a rough week for some people and so many others pulled together for their support, as well as to support the youth. It's so awesome to see the body of Christ respond as His hands and feet when they are called. Thanks again to all the help today! The kids raised around a thousand dollars towards their trip too!!

I do have to say the best part about the day though was getting to see Katie and Bryon! I haven't seen them since Christmas, so it was so nice to have them over. I got to finally meet Andrew for the first time, which was cool. They spent most of the evening here. Bryon is getting so big. He is going to be such a smart little guy. I hope to put some of the videos we took of him dancing and splashing in mud puddles soon. But for now, a picture will just have to do:

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