Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amazing Week!

Other than some fun at work, I haven't gotten to get out with the horses much this week. I did go on Monday. Kellie and I went over to take care of the goats for a bit and play a little with the horses. It was a muddy mess, and well Kellie and I definitely had our fair share of mud going on.

I actually didn't get out to the farm until last night. I went over to help out a bit, and we actually ended up catching 2 of the horses with the intentions of going for a nice night ride. After a half hour of me trying to walk through mud that was almost knee deep (and let me tell you, it was quite the hilarious sight. I was laughing so hard!), we caught two of the horses (one being Melodie, i.e. Mel and the other being Wes, the short stocky draft horse) and brought them in the barn.

I decided to saddle up Wes (seeing as I love bigger horses). Well 20-25 minutes later and drenched in sweat, I finally had a saddle on him. I walked him outside and Jeff was practically asleep on Mel. Too funny. So the saddle was a bit small for Wes, but we had it on tight enough. Well I thought I did, too bad that it thought differently. One hop up and yeah, the saddle came crashing down. Jeff came and help and I was up for a little bit. Wes trotted off with me trying to straighten the saddle, yeah well I fell of there.

Third times the charm right? I had gotten back up and stayed on. We trotted around quite a bit, then tried some stopping, as he really didn't want to stop. Then we started trotting again, and sure enough, off I came.

After all that, I spent the evening stargazing via horseback. What an amazing thing to do. I'm loving working with these horses!

So I'm going to wrap this all up and post again tomorrow with Corey's prom, because it was just way too cute!

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