Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sorry for the delay

It's been quite a while since I last posted, and I apologize for those of you who check this often.  It's been quite a busy two weeks.  So many awesome things happened, and I know that I'm going to forget a lot of them, which is sad.  But I will try my best.

**Also, pictures are still not working on here, so I am also sorry for that.  Hopefully that will pick up soon.

Funny quick side note... just opened my planner to remind me of what I actually all did.  Nice, right?

So last week, I got to play bassoon again.  What an awesome feeling.  I forgot how much I love playing.  However, it doesn't quite work the same anymore.  I mean, I was definitely happily surprised to find that technique (finger wise) I still had it.  However, my chops only worked for about 45 minutes before my mouth was just dead.  Embouchure, well let's just say it has left the building.  But overall it was fun.  And I got to work with Lisa and her new bassoon student on beginning the bassoon.  Oh how I miss teaching.

I was supposed to head down to Marmon to work for their Summer Fun Days, but they actually had plenty of staff and didn't need any more help.  I have had that weekend blocked off since the beginning of December, so I got a free weekend.  How cool!!

I ended up going down to Dayton to see my grandma and spend some time with them.  I also got to go to Kings Island!

Story time:

I got to Kings Island on Saturday, totally forgetting to buy my tickets beforehand for 33 dollars.  I was really upset and frustrated for forgetting to do such a simple task.  It ruined my morning when I got there.  So I went to the gate to get my ticket, all upset thinking of the 56 dollars I was going to spend (on top of gas money to get back home) and right before I go to buy my ticket, someone hands me a coupon for a ticket.  I hand it to the cashier and ask if it's legit (a word that I don't think I like in my vocab; it bothers me for some reason) and he says, yeah sure.  I only paid 25 dollars for that ticket!!!  God is good.  And likes to remind me that I exaggerate things and should just rely on Him to take care of me.  He always does.

So the best part of Kings Island.... Waiting on the other side of the gate was none other than miss Brandy!!!  Awesome!  I got to spend the day with her and two of her friends.  We had a blast at the park.  I even got to see one of my friends, Brian Carlucci on stage (I was in Wizard of Oz w/ him, he was the Tin Man).  He's in one of the shows down there.  I love when he sings.  So awesome.

I ended up spending most of the evening with them, watching How to Train your Dragon and talking.  Cool stuff.  It's really encouraging to know there are kids my age that are just on fire for God.  I love it!

Before I left Grandma's, we went and saw Harry Potter (again for me).  It was kinda cool, seeing as she bought my first HP book when it was first out, and we read them together until they finished, and then we got to see the last movie together.  Awesome memories.  So thankful.

Wow, what a long post, thanks for hanging in there.  This week, I've gotten to do some cool stuff too.  Tuesday was Katie and Kenny's birthday.  Weird not seeing or hearing from either of them.  I  mean I called, but to no answer.  It's really odd growing up and seeing your friends lives change and bloom (and get married and kids, and whoa, I kind of feel out of the loop sometimes).  It's neat, but definitely odd.  Anywho, back to Katie and Kenny.  I can't believe it's been 17 years since I first became friends (back to that fateful ballet class and knocked out teeth).  Kenny is over in Afghanistan serving.  I hope he's okay.  Say a prayer for him and the troops if you can.

Tuesday,  I got to spend the evening at the Falls, which was gorgeous.  Four mile hike that was great spending it with a good friend Ben.  So cool.  Can't wait for Sunday when Brandy (yep, that's right, I get to see her for a fourth time... God is so good) and I get to go to the falls.

I also got to see Corey's baseball game and help out with band camp a bit.  I did the majorette routines for the fight song and the horse (it has been 7 years since I was a majorette... I'm pretty impressed that my body just slipped right back into it.)  Being there, helping and teaching was a blessing.  I miss doing that.

My next post will be an update on this Bible study I am doing with the youth group girls from Stanwood.  It's going really well, and your prayers are much appreciated.

Until then... goodnight!

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